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Here is a peek at one of the weapons |GHANDI| has added to the TC we are working on "The Bloody Unknown"

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August 07, 2000 - Just an update...


Well, after that camping trip, I feel glad to be back home. I have done lots of things. I made myself a bot. It was fun. Did it in 2 hours! It is an Eggdrop v1.5.3 and it sits on #doomlegacy and #doomworld atm, and its name in Mancubus. I did a little more HTML fixing on my page. Now the POTD is under the contents, because it isn't that important ;). Lastly, I have managed to make a sample 'Multiple 3D floors demo level'. You may not have it, because you need a special verison of doomlegacy, but I will post a screenie in the POTD soon.

So, if you are bored, drop by #doomlegacy and have a chat. It really isn't that bad...but I know some of you people must be real lazy so I'm gonna get some sort of IRC applet put on this page. I have word from |GHANDI| that he wants to close 'The Bloody Unknown TC', but I am going to try to keep it going, and release it as a MOD with new weapons and about 7 levels for Doom 2.

July 27, 2000 - New host (Yay! No Banners!)


Finally. No more ad banners. And a HUGE thanks to NightFang for hosting me. :) Here I thought that I was gonna have to learn PHP because the best I could find was a place (Crosswinds) that didn't have SSI, but with no banners either. Well, no worries now. So...yeah...thats about it...

July 26, 2000 - More Updates


More on the 'Bloody Unknown TC' done. See more info on its page. Currently I am looking for a free, bannerless, hosting service. Any ideas? Send 'em to me. Thanks

July 23, 2000 - Updates


Added the "Bloody Unknown" page, and the SLIGE-Fest page. Enjoy.

July 23, 2000 - The Bloody Unknown


Among all this webpage upgrade crap, I have to make time to help with the TC I am working on, "The Bloody Unknown". Now, you might wonder why I didn't provide a link, and simply, thats because there isn't one. Yet. I am going to be hosting the page for it. Yay! More HTML to do! Blah.

Some new features of this site include: The 'Pic of the Day' (which isn't really daily, more like when ever I feel like updating it heh) and that this site is w3 validated. Sweet.

July 21, 2000 - Let the SLIGE-Fest begin!


Okay. Here it is. I re-did everything! I mean, I didn't just cut'n paste things here and there and stuff, I started from scratch. Now I should have the design that I like, with SSI, while retaining compatability with the "loose" HTML v4.0 standards (need my coloured text and background, other wise it might be "strict"). I'm really getting sick of all this incompatability bullshit, but I still want this god damned fucking thing to work damnit!

Now then, I have done something new, and I think it'll be one of the highlights of my page :). I downloaded that program called SLIGE and gave it a try. I noticed that the levels are almost always long and skinny. But, they always manage to be unique, at least in my eyes heh. Also, I realised that there are tremendous amounts of monsters, all varied (from Former Humans to Cacodemons to Barons of Hell). This makes SLIGE quite difficult in Ultra-Violence mode. Anyways, I started challenging myself by seeing how well I could do on UV mode, on levels that I had never played before. Therefore, I have come up with "SLIGE-Fest". That is where I fire SLIGE up, start the level while recording a demo, and see how well I can do. I think it's a pretty good idea myself, since I haven't ever heard of anything like it. I mean, these aren't 'speed' demos, where I'm trying to beat them as fast as possible, these are 'survival' demos, which means that I am trying to stay alive and beat the level. I can assure you that I won't cheat, (dunno how to prove this, guess you will just have to take my word for it, heh), and that it will be my first time ever seeing the level. Also, since I have found out that SLIGE likes to put little rooms full of baddies that open when you pass them, unaware, I have noticed that my aim can be sometimes quite crappy. This comes from constanly turning around and making sure there aren't a bunch of Imp's tearing the shit out of my ass. One more thing about this, you will notice that I go back for items a lot, because I know that I will probably need them in the future ;). So, with that said, I think I can sleep tonight. I have four done and ready for download. They were done awhile ago, but I needed to start so it would be ready for when this new design was done. The first three are for DooM 1 (Ultimate DooM works fine as well) and the fourth is for DooM 2. Found at the 'SLIGE-Fest' section under DooM. Go there. Now.

Now then, in other news, Jon is l337. Especially since he put my page as his top "Link of the Day" ;).

Currently, I am trying to nab a vhost on Tom's box. I think that http://salazar.alkali.org/ would look cool. See? It looks cool. Stay here and stare at it awhile.


©2000 Salazar. Hosted on Truelights. Please don't steal my hard work. Or I will have to kill you. Got it?. Oh yeah, come back soon!
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