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[ 4:00PM, October 2, 2001 ]

September 30, 2001 Garfield Comic

Laxative-laced bran muffins....why didn't I think of that.

[ 8:30PM, September 25, 2001 ]

Apparently, after we left McDonalds last Friday, people started telling the guy with the beer bottle to act his age, as he had already smashed two windshields before he smashed my friend's windshield. After that he started saying shit like, "Oh you wanna make something of it? Come on! Lets go!" Therefore 6 hockey players beat the living snot out of him. Then, as he was stumbling away somebody said, "Are you just going to let him get away?!" So another group of people ran after him and curb stomped his ass. He must be really hurting now. Serves him right, the dumb fuck. My friend knows his name now so he might be recieving even more pain... Kudos to the people my friend knew that were there at the time. :P

[ 6:49PM, September 22, 2001 ]

Whew, just recovering from a hangover. I got tanked last night, and it was quite a good night... until we went to McDonalds and some dumb fuck came over and smashed my friends windshield with a beer bottle then threw it right through the rear window that i was sitting next to. Since I was rather fuzzy and couldn't think straight enough to know NOT to _brush_ the glass from my arms, I now have quite a few little cuts all over. After we sped from the scene I just told my friend to drop me off at home. Then I went on IRC for a bit, made lots of typos, then went to bed. Oh and the fucker with the beer bottle got reported. Whoo.

Here is something rather entertaining, I have it sitting in front of me in lovely newspaper format...but here is a nice full colour Garfield comic for you to enjoy:

Garfield Comic from 05/09/01

Nothing like Garfield to cheer you up. :)

[ 1:12AM, September 16, 2001 ]

I really need to start updating more often... but the truth is, I'm just not into webpages like I used to be. The lack of Slipgate is a prime example. I got around to archiving my news though (manually) and making the page snazzier (w00p).

I need a scanner, that way I could scan this Garfield comic in. The world could use a laugh right about now. I think I'll go play Hexen II some more...

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