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My name is Ryan Freeman. This is is what you would call a `web page'. I hope that I managed to make it accessible and intriguing to the eye. Think of it as a book, only unpublished, without a cover, and without page numbers. It is rather like a stack of papers; a stack of papers with magical text that you can use to navigate your way through the `book'.

The BSD Daemon to the right indicates that I enjoy using UNIX-type operating systems, in particular the BSD varients. I also enjoy using Linux. Be sure to check out my latest desktop screenshots.

While browsing the pages, if you happen to get lost, just use one of the top-right links to navigate back to the main page and contents....Enjoy!


I do not censor my opinions. From time to time I may use some offensive language. If such a thing will ruin your life, please leave now. Certain images on this site are owned by their respected copyright holders. The rest is under the BSD license.




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