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slipgate.org is a small unix-based server, running openbsd. the unit offers serveral services to friends, such as ssh, ftp, irc, mail, web and database.

my name is ryan, and i run these servers and maintain both hardware and software aspects of these systems. All of the servers I operate presently run the openbsd operating system.

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small change

by ryan @ Sat Jan 12 18:19:33 PST 2013

I've removed openbsd ports section from this site as its already always been on the main slipgate page, where I believe it gets more attention. The section here was just duplicated for the most part via symbolic links from the main site anyhow, and while at first I thought it would be handy, it may just lead to confusion. Further streamlining may be happening.

here we are

by ryan @ Thu Aug 19 08:42:34 PDT 2010

i was going to wait until i had all the content pages completed, but at that rate it would never get put up here. better than nothing.

the openbsd ports are probably the only real useful thing here at the moment, eventually i will be posting a large quantity of configuration files, even a couple themes for blackbox and openbox. no eta.

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by ryan @ Tue Mar 16 00:54:25 PDT 2010

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